Perth, Western Australia


Bread in Common


Scott’s hospitality career began at the age of 16, but his passion for cooking started long before. The importance of good quality produce and working within the seasons has long determined Scott’s menus. Early on Scott travelled to the UK to work at Babington House, Somerset which was then headed by former River Café Chef, Matt Armistead. He carried on the river café tradition of seasonal produce, working with farmers and the benefits of a year round walled garden. Back in Perth, he took up Head Chef at Balthazar Restaurant with a long established history in Perth dining to uphold. After 3 years at Balthazar, Scott took the opportunity to open Bread in Common in Fremantle which encapsulates his ethos of using seasonal fresh produce.

Early this year the bread in common crew secured a site in Coogee, the old Coogee honey moon hotel. With this site will come a restaurant and bar and most importantly a great garden with large terraces cut in to the cap rock surrounding the hotel. The garden block has been made up of a lot of rescued olive trees from gin gin and a large fig tree from a Scarborough demolition site that all would have become land fill.